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    Ursus Wehrli - The Art of Clean Up (2011-12)

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    Monty sits in the driver’s seat behind the wheel while training. Rather than chasing cars, dogs in New Zealand are being taught to drive them - steering, pedals and all - in a project aimed at increasing pet adoptions from animal shelters. Animal trainer Mark Vette has spent two months training three cross-breed rescue dogs from the Auckland SPCA to drive a modified Mini as a way of proving that even unwanted canines can be taught to perform complex tasks. Picture: SDraftFCB/AFP/Getty Images

    (see video here)

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    Bram Stoker's Chair I
    Bram Stoker's Chair IIBram Stoker's Chair III
    Bram Stoker's Chair IVBram Stoker's Chair VII

    Sam Taylor-Wood - Bram Stoker’s Chair, 2005

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    Eric Petersen

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    Daniel Kukla
    The Edge Effect, 2012

    Artist’s statement: “In March of 2012, I was awarded an artist’s residency by the United States National Park Service in southern California’s Joshua Tree National Park. While staying in the Park, I spent much of my time visiting the borderlands of the park and the areas where the low Sonoran desert meets the high Mojave desert. While hiking and driving, I caught glimpses of the border space created by the meeting of distinct ecosystems in juxtaposition, referred to as the Edge Effect in the ecological sciences. To document this unique confluence of terrains, I hiked out a large mirror and painter’s easel into the wilderness and captured opposing elements within the environment. Using a single visual plane, this series of images unifies the play of temporal phenomena, contrasts of color and texture, and natural interactions of the environment itself.”

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    Vincent Mauger, Sans titre, 2012, Briques cuites — Dimensions variables, installation in situ, Courtesy de l’artiste & Galerie Bertrand Grimont — Crédits photo © Aurélien Mole

    Exhibition Super Asymmetry, September 15 - December 15, 2012 at Centre d’art contemporain, La Maréchalerie

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    Peering into the Heart of Darkness

    27,000 light-years away from Earth in the constellation of Sagittarius lies a star called S2. It has an eccentric, high-elliptical orbit around a superdense object that happens to be right in the hot, violent centre of the Milky Way, with the entire spiral galaxy rotating around it. Astronomers have determined that this object is a supermassive black hole, which they call Sagittarius A*, or Sgr A* for short. It’s estimated to be 4.31 million times more massive than our Sun and 15.4 million kilometres wide—and it’s spinning so fast that it travels at 30% of the speed of light. Black holes usually radiate a lot of energy as they guzzle down matter, but ours is strangely quiet at the moment, and astronomers suggest that it is “starved” of matter, and used to be much more active. Although the black hole should be too massive and violent to allow any stars to form near it, observations have shown a cluster of at least 27 young stars orbiting the Sgr A*, called the S-stars. These must have formed further away but were drawn in by Sgr A*’s gravitational pull. The cluster, which includes S2, is currently under half a light-year from the black hole and is slowly being dragged closer with every orbit—and one day, they’ll be swallowed by darkness.

    (Image Credit: Chandra X-Ray Observatory)

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    Get Ready, Confetti.

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